What to Pack for a Trip to LA in June

Hi Everyone! I hope your week is off to a good start. I'm so excited because I am literally counting the hours until my friends from the East Coast arrive for a visit, which just so happens to correspond with LA Pride Week. (Okay, so maybe that was by design.) While they're here, we're gonna do it all - spend some time at the ACE in Palm Springs, hike Runyon Canyon, spend a day at Venice Beach, and of course, hit up the Pride Parade.

They keep asking me what they should bring on a trip like this, and I figured I'd help them - and anyone traveling to the Best Coast this month - with a packing guide, filled with 5 essentials you shouldn't leave home without.

1. It's important to bring layers. California weather is famously variable in at this time of year (June Gloom anyone?) so what starts as a chilly, grey morning can bloom into a gorgeously sunny - and hot - afternoon. Of course, all bets are off again once the sun goes down, so I'd recommend packing a great chambray shirt that you can throw over just about anything. Need some inspiration for a cute one - check out this DIY I shared a few weeks back.

2. I know on that long flight its tempting to hit the bottle en route to LAX. But let me tell you, the only bottle you need to be hitting should be filled with H20, not Veuve Clicquot. Save the celebrating for when you land, kids. In the meantime, fill up your extra large water bottle from Crate & Barrel and pop on a sleep mask. You'll be here before you know it.

3. Now, since we'll be having plenty of fun in the sun at Venice Beach and Palm Springs, its important to make sure you keep your skin protected. I recommend this ultra lightweight, but powerful, SPF 50 from Kiehl's. I've written about the virtues of this stuff before, but it bears repeating. Simply put, this is the best sunscreen I've found.

4. What about getting a workout in? No doubt we'll want to burn some calories (and um, some of last night's beverages) off at Runyon Canyon. After all, it is the most LA thing one can do. Except maybe go on a Juice cleanse - more on that later. The way to hike Runyon in style is to break out a pair of the new Nike Roshe's. I always wear mine when I'm hiking. Really. Don't believe me? Check it out.

5. Last, but not least: don't forget to bring a little something special for your hosts. Ahem. Looking right at you, friends. As we all know, I'm really into Rosé right now. And this one from Charles & Charles winery has to be one of my tippy top faves. That, and its less than $15, so. Theres really no excuse not to. Just saying.

So there you have it - 5 essentials everyone should bring on their next trip out West. Sure to keep you looking hot and feeling cool, I promise you can't go wrong with these. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go drink a Kale juice. X

Venice Beach Babe

Every now and then, something so ridiculously exciting happens, you can't wait to share it with the world. This is one of those times.

This week, myself, nick, and my dear friend, Casey Layne - yoga instructor, lululemon rep, blonde bombshell, and all-around babe - had the pleasure of working together on an exciting beach shoot. We wanted to do something that would show another side of her; something that marked a departure from her sunny, bubbly, adorable self.

So we went full on cool girl badass. Bye-bye yoga clothes, hello matching short suit. I shibori dyed this look by hand, starting with all white pieces. We even grunged up her hair with my custom blend sea salt spray.

Be sure to check back soon for a DIY on how we made this look come together!

image1 (2).JPG
image2 (1).JPG

hope you all enjoy looking at this shoot as much as we enjoyed making it! stay tuned for our upcoming DIY posts!