Halloween Makeup Tutorial

TGIF - the Halloweekend is finally here! I'm sure you have some amazing things lined up for yourselves and I can't wait to hear all about them come Sunday morning. I myself am "Hocus Pocus n' Chill" ing this evening to save my strength for the main event tomorrow, but wanted to share this with you all!

Presenting, my Halloween costume: A Fashion Skeleton. (Or, what I wear on a typical night out, but with a painted face ...well I guess technically, my face is usually painted anyway, just not like a skeleton.) This is a great choice for those of y'all who STILL haven't figured what you're going to wear to your parties that start in a matter of hours - dress in chic black from H2T and pick up an inexpensive makeup kit at the Halloween store. Guarantee it'll be on clearance. Then - watch this quick tutorial vid below:

There you have it. About 90% Skeleton, 10% Dia De Los Muertos inspired - didn't want to veer too far into cultural appropriation. Though I WILL be making Pan de Muerto this weekend to celebrate on Sunday. So stay tuned for that! Alright, enough from me - I have some witches brew to drink and some Sanderson sisters to watch. Happy Halloweekend! x

DIY Lipstick Print Shirt

Hey Everyone! I hope by now, you've read my post about the Clarisonic launch I attended last week... it not, you can below. Go ahead and do that now. I'll wait. So, in light of that, I wanted to share a little DIY project on how to get my look from the event - a Mark McNairy inspired lipstick print shirt.

All you need for this project is an oxford shirt (I thrifted mine for 15 bucks - significantly cheaper than the 200 plus the designer version would cost you) a tube of acrylic paint, and a small paintbrush or two. Check out the step-by-step video below:

Seriously. This project couldn't be simpler. It couldn't be cheaper. And it couldn't be chicer. What are you waiting for? Get yourself to a thrift store and then give this a try. I can't wait to see how it works out for you!

Strobing: Your New Favorite Summer Makeup

So, I've been back on the east coast a mere few days, and it already has me California dreamin' for that desert climate that I've come to love. Luckily, the hot and humid weather is no match for my new favorite makeup.

Presenting: Strobing. Aka - the anti-contouring. You may have seen my contouring video in the past - and that's still a great look for a night out. Or the cooler months. But nothing goes better with the sticky weather than this dewy, fresh looking face. Check it out:

PS, heres the full list of products I used in the video (click each name for the link to purchase): Glossier Perfecting Skin Tint, YSL Touche Eclat Pen, Laura Mercier Radiance Highlighter, and of course my DIY Rosewater Toner. So give this a try, I bet you'll love it.