Ace Hotel Pittsburgh

Hello friends, how's the second week of the new year treating you? Well, I hope. I myself am just settling back into reality after a much-needed jaunt to Pittsburgh over the weekend. For any of you who may not know, I have a special relationship with the City of Champions, because I lived there for a number of years while I was in grad school at Carnegie Mellon.

being back over the weekend was just what the doctor ordered - a fantastic visit with some old friends, a stroll down memory lane, and the chance to see how much has changed in the ever-growing city. Surely, by now you've seen that Pittsburgh is one of the most livable cities in the Us, or that it is home to some of the greatest restaurants in the country, or that it just can't seem to keep millennials away. But one of my favorite new developments in the city is the opening of the Ace Hotel in the old YMCA building in East Liberty.

I've written about my love for the Ace before - and back when I was living in LA, I skipped town for the Ace Palm Springs every chance I could get. So to my delight I had the opportunity to visit the barely-a-month-old hotel for brunch at their in house restaurant, The Whitfield, this weekend. Truly, it did not disappoint. It was everything I loved about the Ace Palm Springs - well-curated art and decor, locally specific cuisine, an unmistakably cool vibe - but with a Steel-city spin. Check out some of the pics I snapped below:

If you find yourself in Pittsburgh sometime soon (as well you should!) then do consider a stay at the Ace- you can look into their rates on their website Here. And don't forget about all of the other fantastic cities Ace has called home... it's not too early to start thinking about Spring Break getaways, you know! Happy travels! x

Palm Springs Packing Guide, Part 2

All I can say is AHH... I'm one day into my vacation here at the ACE Palm Springs, and I can't even picture city living at this point. Don't make me go back. Seriously. As promised, here's part 2 of my Palm Springs packing guide: beauty & Skincare edition.

I like a light and clean fragrance on hot desert days, so in my book, nothing beats Elizabeth and James Nirvana White. A crisp blend of peony and light musk - it smells familiar, but unique. I love it. (Truth be told, I wear this every day... I just appreciate it even more here in the desert.) Side note: Nick wears Nirvana Black which is the sister fragrance to mine, and has a darker, slightly richer scent. Each fantastic on their own, but when worn together, it's Nirvana. (Sorry, had to.)

I've also been wearing the Murad INVISIBlur Primer + SPF 30 - I've been using ever since I received it as a freebie in my gift bag at SimplyStylist last month. And let me tell you something - Miracle it is. As a primer, its truly the perfect silky smooth base for whatever makeup you are wearing (or not). And as an SPF - it's got enough coverage to make your dermatologist happy, and the airbrushed finish will make you happy too! Trust.

now, One of my absolute essentials when I know I'll be spending a lot of time in the heat is Kiehl's Oil Control Shine Eliminator. it's like that amazing feeling you get when you open the freezer and stick your head in on a really hot day. (Am I the only one who did this as a child? and/or to this day??) Regardless, this stuff is super cool and refreshing, and helps keep the dewiness at bay.

And if you happen to Have a little too much fun in the sun? Enter the Peter Thomas Roth Cucumber Gel Mask. Formulated to be used as either a mask, or a long term moisturizer - it can also be put in the refrigerator for an extra-refreshing treat. yum.

Lastly, after a long few days spent in the pool, in the sun, and with (ahem) several Cocktails... your hair can feel a little blah. Kiehl's Strengthening and Hydrating Oil-In-Cream to the rescue! Chock full of hair-healthy oils like avocado and olive, I'd probably spread this on toast if it were edible, tbh.

There you have it. Next time you take a trip to Palm Springs - or any hot weather destination - be sure to give some of these a try. I promise they'll come in handy. (You can thank me later.) Be sure to check back tomorrow for an ACE Hotel original #THIRSTYTHURSDAY! Speaking of, I'm off to order another Jalapeño margarita. Pool boy?

Palm Springs Packing Guide, Part 1

Hey everyone! The time has finally come for Nick & I's trip to the ACE Palm Springs. I feel like I've been looking forward to it forever! It's been such a busy last few weeks, so now that it's finally here, I can't wait to unplug and just enjoy myself. (Read: drink cocktails and tan by the pool.) 

So, before I go - I wanted to share with you all exactly what I'm taking in my trusty American Apparel Tote

To document the trip i'll be using this great InstaX Wide format Instant Camera - there's something inherently nostalgic about taking a road trip through the desert. What better way to remember it than with some classic polaroid-style snaps?

When I'm in the desert, I'm all about easy, cozy pieces. (Hello... I'm trying to max and relaxxx here. Nothing too restricting or formal. ie, those JCrew button down shirts I love so much can take a break.) So, these boxy tees from Rivet + Thread are perfect. Did I mention they're 100% silk? Yep. Let that sink in. These are definitely going to become regulars in my post-desert wardrobe too.


These tab-front JCrew swim trunks are adorable, and their classic style totally suits the midcentury vibe at the Ace. I've been lusting after these for years, so I'm so happy to have finally got my thighs in a pair.

I love a silly pair of sunglasses when I'm at the Ace. They're great for when you're reading magazines poolside, and they take a mean instagram picture. These are a cheap-o pair I got years ago on a boardwalk or something dreadful like that. Isn't it funny that when you buy the cheap sunglasses, you hold onto them the longest? (Say a prayer for all the RayBans I've lost over the years...)

And last but not least - a pink salt crystal. Hey - anything to help bring ~*good vibes*~ to the desert. You know?

So there you have it - the desert-worthy clothes and accessories I can't live without. Be sure to check back tomorrow to see all of my skincare essentials in the packing guide, part 2!