Last-Minute Halloween Thrift Store Tips

Happy Humpday. Or as I am calling it omg-it's-three-days-away-from-halloween-day. Yeah. That's a thing that's real. I can't believe how quickly it's upon us. (Seriously, did October pass us by at like, double time this year?) Now, if you're on top of it and know what you're going to be already, good for you. Also, I wanna know. So let me know in the comments below. Promise I won't steal your idea.

But if you don't happen to know yet - Never fear! (Save that for this weekend.) Halloween stores are mobbed in these final days, and often those "costume in a bag" jawns are way too pricey for single-use, in my opinion. So, I turn to the always-reliable thrift store! And I have got you covered with some last minute tips on how to make the most of your shopping experience there. Read on after the jump to catch my 5 tips below!

This photo was taken outside one of my favorite second hand stores in LA - Crossroads. (Not to be confused with the 2002 cinematic masterpiece starring a young Britney Spears.) I really like this nameplate outside the entrance, because it totally echoes the "one man's trash..." philosophy of thrift shopping. Remember, if you have an open mind and trust your creativity to see the potential in things, you can find some real gems while thrifting! My favorite things to look for are:

1. Outerwear - Nothing cooler than a vintage leather jacket, or a denim one covered in old band patches. My favorite military jacket was purchased second hand years ago, and I still wear that thing every summer. Outerwear has history, and often times the best stories to go along with it. Plus, they're made to be durable, and it can be easier to find these pieces still in great shape even though they are used.
2. Flannels - Is there a more perfect season to be shopping for flannels? Today's dime-a-dozen flannels ain't got nothing on the grungy ones of yesteryear. Honestly, I can say with complete confidence that no matter what thrift store you go into they will absolutely have a better/wider/cooler/more unique selection of flannels you would find in any contemporary store today.
3. Boots - These are another item that usually come along with some killer history. Way to take a walk in someone else's shoes - literally. I have this amazing pair of suede boots that I wore to death and even got re-soled because I loved them so much. And I think they cost me $40 total? Similar ones, if I had purchased brand new would easily run $200 or more - and to think! I didn't even have to break mine in!
4. Accessories and Jewelry - Sunnies, pendants, little rings, cufflinks, belt buckles, patches and pins - you name it, I'm sure they've got it. This stuff is all so unique and special, and its always the details that make someone take a second look and beg to know where you got it. Don't worry, it'll be our little secret.
5. Knickknacks - OK, so this isn't necessarily gonna help your halloween costume needs, but just keep it in mind while you're shopping there. Honestly, my favorite home decor pieces are all things I've found second hand. Paperweights, ashtrays, objects d'art, even small furniture items like end tables or a desk lamp. They just don't make 'em like they used to, folks.

So there you have it. Take these ideas with you while last-minute shopping, and you're sure to get inspired with some totally unique costume ideas that nobody else will have! PS, I was totally serious about that comments thing. If you already know what you're gonna be, let me know below! x

The Art of Un-Decorating

Happy Saturday, kids! I hope you're all loving your weekend so far. I'm off to the Grove today for the SimplyStylist conference (more on that later), but I wanted to share with you a little something before I go.

One of my favorite trends in the interior design world right now is something known as "un-decorating". Its hard to put into words, so i'll make a comparison to - what else - the world of fashion. Un-Decorating is kind of like your chill, tomboy jeans-white-tee-and-chucks outfit. Timelessly cool and easy, but undeniably chic.

It can be implemented in tons of ways - a pile of interesting fabrics folded over an old chair in the corner, a polaroid or two taped to the wall with washi tape, or some old knickknacks and family treasures collected on a mirrored tray.

The way I'm un-decorating in my place is with this great old metal frame I picked up at a flea market here in LA. I just leaned it against the wall (hanging it just felt too "done") and used some cool clothespins to stick some of Nick & I's stuff to it.  

I'd love to hear about your adventures in un-decorating. Tell me what you came up with in the comments below - or, send me a link with some pictures of your project! Can't wait to see. x