The Virtues of Dressing Monochromatic

Kids. It's time to have the talk. No, not that one. I'm talking about the hard-to-discuss-because-nobody-is-real-with-you-enough-to-tell-you-but-I-will-because-we're-friends one. You wear the same thing every day. And it's getting stale. Sorry, It's true. Have you tried your hand at Monochromatic Dressing yet? Bet you haven't. 


Humor me. Dressing in one color from head to toe is a great way to switch up your daily uniform, without putting out any additional neurons for it. (Because who wants to do that anyway?)

You may recall, I've touched briefly on this matter before - around this time last year I shared my Whiteout look at the Bates Motel in LA. But if I've said it once, it bears repeating. Dressing monochromatic is a no-brainer. And it just looks cool. Are you sold yet?


The trick to pulling the look off with ease is varying the tones of each piece slightly. That, and the use of a variety of textures. (Seen here with suede boots, cotton chinos and a linen tee. Each in slightly different shades of taupe.)


If done correctly, it's not even necessarily something your peers will even be able to put their finger on - did you get a haircut? Grow an inch taller? Lose 10 pounds? For real. Especially if it's in Neutrals. Shades of black, navy, white, grey, olive, camel - you name it. The sky's the limit. 

The best part? You probably have the pieces in your wardrobe to do this already, and just hadn't thought to style them this way yet. Well, do me a favor- let your wardrobe do double-duty and give monochromatic a try this weekend. You can thank me later.  

Festival Season Style

Happy weekend - and happy Coachella! To those of you who are attending. To those of us who aren't (ahem, me) let's all take a moment to appreciate that this is the kickoff to Music Festival Season. Of course, you don't need to be in Palm Springs to enjoy all the style that festival season has to offer, so if you're in need of some inspo (for Coachella or otherwise) look no further.


If I've said it once I've said it a thousand times - layering is your best friend. Music Festivals often means day-to-night dressing, and the key to nailing that is having pieces you can add and subtract as the temperatures change.


Of course, another part of the fun of Festival Season is showing a little personality with your look. And contrary to what you may have seen, it's possible to do without appropriating other cultures. Imagine that! (I'm looking at you, Native American headdresses)


For example, I'm really having a moment with this whole neckerchief thing. It's cute and very throwback Fred-from-Scooby-Doo vibes. I'm here for it. I also threw on a pair of cheap mirrored shades, because why not.


Lastly, throw on a pair of chucks (or equally comfortable footwear) since you're bound to be standing - and dancing, hopefully - for hours. If you do take a seat, make sure you're wearing something that you can get a lil dirty. Hence these safari-inspired shorts. I feel very Laura Dern in Jurassic Park in these. Which frankly, is the only vibe I'm ever trying to channel at a Music Festival.


If you need me, I'll be over here, dreaming about Palm Springs and looking forward to my upcoming concerts this summer. Beyoncé anyone???

Having a Moment: Mock Neck Collars

Happy hump day, all! The sun is shining, the birds are singing and - wait, wasn't it just yesterday that I was trapped indoors watching the rain? That's spring for you. And since I've been having a moment with spring style lately, I wanted to share with you one of the spring trends I'm loving: the Mock Neck Collar.


The style I'm wearing here is from H&M (and we all know how I feel about their Modern Essentials) and is similar to a polo shirt in style. With a button placket and piqué textile, it feels classic prep, but with modern details - ie, the mock neck collar.


Of course, the mock neck isn't limited to polos alone, they are also all over sweaters at the moment, too. Just picture if you will, a lightweight sweater with little barely-there mock collar. Love. You could even style it the same way I did, with these joggers that I can't seem to get enough of. Love the joggers, but maybe mock necks aren't your thing? Try a more casual spring style instead.


I'm already dreaming of the weekend- and with the warmer weather (finally) coming our way, I can't wait to bust out some more looks. What are you looking forward to this weekend? I wanna know! Invite me along, I'm a good date. Promise. x

Spring Break Style for (almost) Any Climate

How was everyone's weekend? (I almost don't want to ask, since I know us East Coasters were hit with a cruel mid-april snow storm on Saturday. How rude.) Lucky for me, I was able to escape down south to visit my sister in Virginia for a little Spring Break of my own. And I wanted to share with you some of my tips for dressing for Spring Break when it isn't exactly ideal weather. Behold:


To me, its about layering. (Isn't it always? If you take one style tip away from me, let it be known that layers are always your friend. Fact.) Personally, I always embrace the beach vibes and wear swim trunks even if the water is far too cold to consider dipping a toe in. It just feels wrong to me to wear normal pants on the beach. You feel?


Up top, I wore one of my classic J. Crew button down shirts. You can also throw a crew neck sweater over this if it's extra chilly. I personally like the look of more layers up top and less on the bottom. To that end, I like to keep the footwear simple, so I finished the outfit with these basic slide sandals that can easily go from the beach to the oceanfront bar. (Crucial in times like these.)

If you're looking for some more tips on what to pack for your Spring Break adventure, check out my Packing Guide chock full of outfit and skincare ideas for any climate.


Oh, and as a nod to National Sibling Day yesterday, I'm going to fulfill my duty as an older brother and share this outtake of my gorgeous sister being a siren on the beach. (She's probably going to kill me for this, but it's worth it.) Cheers!


April Showers (and How to Dress for Them)

Ah, Mondaze. April is officially here, and as we know, that means we have our fair share of chilly rainy days ahead. I spent the weekend exploring Old City with some friends, and on the way, wanted to wear a little something that could withstand the elements.


This trench from Topman is ideal for this unpredictable spring weather - lightweight, but still protective from the rain and drizzle. 


I styled it with a black tee and my trusty ripped jeans to keep it casual. The trench has a tendency to feel stuffy and formal when dressed up, so I felt this tee-and-jeans combo was just right for a little weekend stroll around the city.


Dig the trench but wanna see it styled a differently? I've got you - check out my athleisure take on the trenchcoat here!


Wishing you all a good start to your April as we move ahead into the week. Here's to warmer weather and clearer skies ahead! Cheers!


Modern Essentials Part II: Nautical Stripes

TGIF. Amirite? For some reason, March has seemed to drag on for at least 3x longer than it should have. I, for one, am pleased that the weekend brings April along with it. And, what better way to the start off the weekend but with another great piece from the H&M Modern Essentials collection.


Now, you may recall that I've shared one of my picks from the Modern Essentials collection previously (which you can and should revisit here) but this Nautical Striped Sweater by David Beckham has become a new favorite of mine. While it may officially be April on the calendar, the temperatures haven't quite caught up yet, and this lightweight sweater is just the thing to wear until they get the memo.


As is the case with this collection, the beauty in this sweater lies in the details. It features a boat neck collar, and a unique ribbed texture, all the while being lightweight enough to wear on it's own or layer with a light jacket. PS, more more tips on layering for spring, be sure to check my previous post here.


Like I've said time and time and time again, I'm not sure what it is about the spring that brings out my inner prep-style, but this sweater falls right in line with that vibe. Dig the prep look but still dipping your toe in the water with it? I feel you. Maybe something like this is more your speed. Hey, I'm just trying to help.


Of course, I styled them with my favorite trusty, rusty Clarks. Which I have been absolutely living in lately. Enjoy them while they still look cute, surely by summer they will be completely worn in. (Let's be honest, I'll still be wearing them anyway.)


What's everyone doing this weekend? I want to know! Be sure to follow my nosey self on Snapchat @mogblog so I can follow you back and we can creep on each other all weekend. K? Sounds good. Happy Friday!

Casual Spring Style

Good morning! Are we all recovering from our post St. Pat's hangovers today? No comment on my end. But, if you're anything like me (aka, over the age of 25) I know that pain can last you well into the second day after, in which case this casual spring outfit may be your savior for the weekend ahead. Because who can think about looking cute for brunch with friends when they feel like the've been hit by a steamroller? Enter, this:

I think the real solution to pulling it together in the mornings (hungover or not) is making your getting ready process as streamlined and simple as possible. That's why joggers are always a good idea. Especially on the weekends. 

I picked up this inky navy pair at the Gap, and paired it with one of their nautical striped pocket tees. I don't know what it is about spring that brings out the prep hiding inside of me, but I'm coming to terms with it. Does anyone else feel this way? Should we start a support group with weekly meetings? I'll bring donuts.

To keep this from looking too informal, I stepped the shoe game up with these great Maioun loafers that I've been loving on for a minute now. You may have seen me post about them before here. Honestly, as comfortable as a pair of sneakers, but classy enough to get you to brunch without feeling underdressed.

What are your weekend plans? Where are you going, what are you doing, and what are you wearing there? I wanna know! Snapchat me @mogblog and tell me all about it. I can't wait to see! x

Channelling: Gwyneth at the Airport

Hey, Howdy, and HAPPY NEW YEAH! No, that's not a misspelling, that's just how people here in South Philly say it. And boy, do they ever say it. I feel like I've been hearing that sentiment from every Italian Market cashier since Thanksgiving. No jokes. So naturally, I've adopted it, and will be saying it through (at least) the remainder of the month. Apologies in advance.

Anywho, how are you? How's 2016 treating you so far? Are you keeping your resolutions? Are you going to the gym? Me? Don't ask. But I do have some pretty exciting stuff in the works. (You may recall me saying that in my end-of-year post... but you may not. I mean it was a whole year ago.) However, until I'm able to let the cat out of the bag, I thought I'd share a new look with you all. So today, I'm channelling my queen, GP, from her windswept airport look last year. Oh you KNOW the one:


Now, full disclaimer. I do not own a cobalt blue Céline Phantom bag, but again. This is my interpretation, here. Move Over, Gwyneth. (TM)

Hat and Leggings by Forever 21, Sweater by JCrew, Tote by American Apparel, Sneakers by Stan Smith for Adidas, Sunglasses Vintage.

Black Friday Looks

TGIF. Black Friday is here. And that means Many people are spending their day camping out, waiting in line, and fighting to the death for the deals and steals. I, on the other hand, will be enjoying pie for breakfast and sitting on the couch in my pajamas. Because I was raised in a good home and I'm not insane. But, for those of you who are braving the crowds, this look is for you.

I wanted to channel the oh-s0-popular athleisure trend that we loved all summer, and give it a fall edition update. After all, you're gonna need something sporty to run from store to store, or to hip check your neighbor outta the way for that new flatscreen. It's all about the layers today - a lightweight coat and breezy scarf worn atop a baseball-inspired jersey. Pair them with some distressed denim (to let people know how tough you are) and a pair of sneakers for a quick getaway. I, of course, wore my wayfarers to top it off. All the better to shade you with. AMIRITE, LADIES? By the way, this is so not exclusive to black friday - wear it anytime this fall. It'll work, I swear. 


Hat by New Era, Coat by Topman, Baseball Jersey by American Apparel, Scarf and Jeans by GAP, Sneakers by Nike, Sunnies by RayBan, Cuff by Madewell.

DIY Lipstick Print Shirt

Hey Everyone! I hope by now, you've read my post about the Clarisonic launch I attended last week... it not, you can below. Go ahead and do that now. I'll wait. So, in light of that, I wanted to share a little DIY project on how to get my look from the event - a Mark McNairy inspired lipstick print shirt.

All you need for this project is an oxford shirt (I thrifted mine for 15 bucks - significantly cheaper than the 200 plus the designer version would cost you) a tube of acrylic paint, and a small paintbrush or two. Check out the step-by-step video below:

Seriously. This project couldn't be simpler. It couldn't be cheaper. And it couldn't be chicer. What are you waiting for? Get yourself to a thrift store and then give this a try. I can't wait to see how it works out for you!


Hey friends, and Happy Friday! So excited to share with you my recent team up with American Eagle Outfitters. I'm featured wearing their Cargo Jogger Pant on the AEO Style Blog today, which you can check out here. Now, I've written about my love for the jogger in the past, and I'm totally loving this rugged pair for fall.

These joggers have become an absolute staple in my wardrobe. Seriously. I've worn them more times than I can count in the last couple weeks. They're such an easy throw-on-and-go piece that are equal parts casual and cool. I like to wear them with an oversized tee, denim jacket, and a pair of leather sneakers, to keep with the sporty vibe. It's a great look to wear to a hangout with friends, or do some exploring solo. Check out my adventure below:

ZAK Brand Collab

Hey everyone! Happy Hump Day! To get me through my midweek blahs, I wanted to announce the beginning of my exciting collab with LA menswear brand ZAK. Designed, detailed and distributed here in LA, its definitely a down-home favorite.

Today's outfit features their Allen tank and Turner waxed denim. So easygoing, and so cool. It's the essence of SoCal style. Be sure to check out their online store for an exclusive discount (use code MOGBLOG4TH) and stay tuned for future posts of me decked out in ZAK Brand threads.

PS, if you haven't interrogated me yet, time's running out! Comment/tweet/message me your questions to be featured in this week's youtube video. xx

My Collab with Maioun Shoes

Happy Hump Day, y'all! Today is a good day. Not only because we've made it halfway through the week, but because I can finally share with you something that's been in the works for quite some time now. 

Maioun SHOES has been generous enough to sponsor this post by providing me with a pair of their rad Loafers. Not only do they look cool AF - they are so comfortable. AND - wait for it - each pair is like two shoes in one! How? because of their trademark interchangeable outsole. That's right, each pair of shoes comes outfitted with a standard sole that can be slid, snapped, and swapped with any other colored sole from their collection. Today I'm rocking classic black, and cerulean blue.


How to Wear Pink Without Looking Like a Ken Doll

Today, I wanted to share with you my next pink pick from this week's La Vie En Rose theme. Enter, these gorgeous dusty rose trousers from H&M. A great fit, and of course an unbeatable price make them a perfect contender for those who want to dip a toe in the water without diving in head first.

To style them, I kept everything else super cool and minimal, to keep from feeling like I should be hanging out with Barbie and friends. That means keeping it grounded with these chic sandals (also H&M), a simple, crisp white JCrew button down shirt, and a sporty black baseball cap. I accessorized with a minimal cuff and some super reflective shades for a little edge, and I think the result is something quite chic.

Once I had the look decided, we packed up the equipment and headed to my favorite outdoor installation - LACMA's "Levitated Mass" and shot it in action. I hope you like what you see.

So fellas, give pink a try. It can be done. I mean, if I can do it, so can you! Let me know if you have another favorite pink clothing item, or a unique way to style it - I'd love to see it! That's all for now - check back tomorrow for my favorite Rosé picks for our Thirsty Thursday edition of La Vie En Rose. And don't forget to enter our Giveaway by subscribing to our Youtube channel here

Hanging Out at LACMA

Today I wanted to share with you an easy, cool outfit that's perfect for days when you want to dress comfortably, but need a little polish.  


I spent the day at LACMA Mogging away, and this was just the thing to wear for a day spent writing and doodling on the museum lawn - a fashion blogger's off-duty look, if you will. 


Starting with my favorite jeans at the moment - my Alexander Wang X Denim  - I paired them with this great indigo pocket tee from Wallace & Barnes at JCrew. Because of the relaxed silhouette, I paired it with some great Cole Haan oxfords and a full arm party, to keep it feeling refined and not sloppy.


I love days that I get to spend at the museum or art gallery. It's so important to get out in the world and see the interesting and exciting work other artists are doing - it keeps me inspired. What sort of places do you all go to feel inspired and get some work done at the same time? I'd love to know, especially if they're here in LA. Always on the hunt for things to do! Let me know in the comments below, and I'll be sure to check it out.

Shopping Guide: Summer Shorts

Happy Monday, everyone! This week, in honor of Memorial Day Weekend (and the beginning of the summer season) we will be sharing with you our Summer Kickoff Series. Everything is about to get summery up in here.

Starting with a shopping guide to get you into the season in style, I'm sharing with you the best new shorts to beat the heat. I have a personal vendetta against the tight knee-length cuffed denim shorts that everyone and their brother have been wearing the last few years, and I think it's time for a change. The new silhouette is cooler, easier, more relaxed - and frankly, a lot more comfortable in the heat, too. Check out my picks below.




(Clockwise from top left) AcneTopman, Club Monaco, Topman, JCrew, Zara - be sure to click each name for a link to shop!


What do you think about these looks? Think you'll give any a try? Let me know in the comments below! I hope you do. It really is time to leave the tight jorts on the shelf at home and give yourself a little (ahem) breathing room.

Warm Weather Whiteout

When I saw the Accuweather forecast pinned LA in the 90s this week, I knew I had to do something to beat the heat. What better way to reflect some rays than with an easy all-white look? (Yeah, I know it isn't Memorial Day yet... but who believes in those silly rules anyway? Carpe Diem, ya know?)

That - coupled with this amazing east side discovery I made earlier this week while meeting for coffee in Los Feliz - and this look was born. This work of art is entitled "Projection" and is an ephemeral piece by French artist Vincent Lamouroux. Formerly the dilapidated Bates Motel - aptly named because of its location on Sunset & Bates, and because of its eerie resemblance to the Hitchcock haunt from Psycho - now appears completely transformed thanks to a thin layer of limewash.

Truly, this work is even more stunning in person. It almost hurts my eyes to look at it, or maybe hurts my brain... it's one of those sights that seem impossible, or too unusual to be real. But there she stands. So, Nick and I went to work and shot this look outside its palm tree lined and barbed-wire covered gates (also painted white, of course)

I'm wearing a classic white tee from the Gap, and a great pair of rip & repair white denim shorts from Madewell. Paired them with my simple Madewell cuff, and trusty pair of white Chucks and managed to pull off a full whiteout, without looking like a house painter. Like the look? Click the names to shop! And as, always click below to subscribe via Email and Bloglovin! Happy Humpday, y'all.

What to Wear When It's 90 Degrees in March

So. It's March 26th. And 90 degrees (and climbing).

I dunno about all of you, but I could use at least a couple more weeks of Spring before we dive headfirst into summer. When it's this hot out, I like to keep my outfits really simple. And always carry a water bottle with me. Hello - we live in a desert, you know?

For me, the key to beating the heat is wearing easy, breezy pieces. I love an oversized shirt- like this grey pocket tee from Engineered Garments. It's a little stiff, which is nice, because it hangs away from the body, and lets me breathe a bit underneath. As for the jeans- the more rips and tears the better. This pair from Madewell is cropped, and has holes in the knees. All about airing out those Knees and ankles, amirite? Pair it with a classic sneaker - like mine from NEW BALANCE and you're sure to beat the heat, while still looking chic. (Or at least without looking like a melted popsicle.)

Check out my hot-weather look, with credits and links for purchase below.


Credits: Shirt by Engineered Garments, Jeans by Madewell, Bracelet by Madewell, Hair Tie by Emi Jay, Water Bottle by Crate and Barrel, Sneakers by New Balance. Sunglasses are Vintage.

New Week, New Look

So to start this week off, I thought I'd share my #OOTD.

Loosely inspired by our Menswear Test Shoot from this weekend, I went with something a bit sporty today. My take on a baseball uniform. And, honestly, the way I feel wearing this - its on the fast track to becoming my own daily uniform. A polished shirt, easy-to-wear leather leggings, and a great pair of sneakers - what's not to love?

Shout out to my mom for gifting me this shirt. (And adding J.Crew oxford number 432908432 to my closet...) Outfit credits and links to shop: Hat by TopmanShirt by J.CrewLeggings by H&MSneakers by Nike.

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DIY Shibori

Hey everyone! So excited to share with you our first #MOGBLOGDIY.

Today, I'll be showing you how to Shibori - or, japanese tye dye - your fabrics: clothes, curtains, placemats, even duvet covers! 

Shibori has been around for centuries, and has been gaining popularity on the fashion scene in recent years. And its no question why, something about the stark contrast of crisp white and deep indigo just oozes cool-kid chic. The problem is, in order to be done properly, the technique requires handmade precision...and that kind of craftsmanship comes at a price. But if you're willing to put in the elbow grease, the payoff is totally worth it.

Recently, you may have seen my venice beach photoshoot with my dear friend Casey Layne. For this shoot, we shibori-ed her short suit. Starting with some white pieces I found at the local thrift, I gathered my supplies and got to work. Check below for a step-by-step guide on my process.

THE PROCESS (From top, left to right)

Start with your textile. Plain fabric yardage, a tee shirt, dress, pillowcase - anything! Make sure it is prewashed and clean.

Next, identify the fiber content of that textile. Different textiles respond better to certain dyes. Your fabric/craft store will have multiple options suited to whichever you are working with. I was working with blended fiber textiles, so I used Rit dye - Rit is a union dye (which means it is made up of many formulas of dye and is designed to work on a variety of fibers).

After you have purchased your dye, its time for the prep. This is the fun part. And it can be done in a number of ways, depending on the technique/pattern you want to achieve. If you want more rounded shapes, use rubber bands or twine to wrap sections of the fabric, which will resist the dye into oval/circular shapes. If you want a more linear shape, you can use binder clips or clothespins to pleat the fabric and hold it in place, causing a more geometric shape. Or, you can use a combination of the two - like I did on Casey's blazer here.

Put on your gloves (you'll thank me later...nobody wants smurf hands for days), and prepare your dye as it says on the package. Typically, this will mean getting really HOT water and stirring your dye in until it is integrated smoothly.

After that, put in your fabric, and stir stir stir! Give it a solid half hour or so, and then let it sit and brew for an additional hour. After that, pour your dye bath out and rinse your fabric until the water runs as close to clear as you can get it. (Note: this will take awhile. Don't panic. Be patient.)

Finally, un-clip/pin/fold your fabric, and let it hang to drip dry. Enjoy your new Shibori!

THERE YOU HAVE IT! If you've ever tried shibori, or if you plan to after this post - let me know! Send me a link, I'd love to see what you're working on!

Coming soon... how to get casey's dreamy beachy waves from our venice beach shoot in our sea salt spray diy.