Warm Weather Whiteout

When I saw the Accuweather forecast pinned LA in the 90s this week, I knew I had to do something to beat the heat. What better way to reflect some rays than with an easy all-white look? (Yeah, I know it isn't Memorial Day yet... but who believes in those silly rules anyway? Carpe Diem, ya know?)

That - coupled with this amazing east side discovery I made earlier this week while meeting for coffee in Los Feliz - and this look was born. This work of art is entitled "Projection" and is an ephemeral piece by French artist Vincent Lamouroux. Formerly the dilapidated Bates Motel - aptly named because of its location on Sunset & Bates, and because of its eerie resemblance to the Hitchcock haunt from Psycho - now appears completely transformed thanks to a thin layer of limewash.

Truly, this work is even more stunning in person. It almost hurts my eyes to look at it, or maybe hurts my brain... it's one of those sights that seem impossible, or too unusual to be real. But there she stands. So, Nick and I went to work and shot this look outside its palm tree lined and barbed-wire covered gates (also painted white, of course)

I'm wearing a classic white tee from the Gap, and a great pair of rip & repair white denim shorts from Madewell. Paired them with my simple Madewell cuff, and trusty pair of white Chucks and managed to pull off a full whiteout, without looking like a house painter. Like the look? Click the names to shop! And as, always click below to subscribe via Email and Bloglovin! Happy Humpday, y'all.

What to Wear When It's 90 Degrees in March

So. It's March 26th. And 90 degrees (and climbing).

I dunno about all of you, but I could use at least a couple more weeks of Spring before we dive headfirst into summer. When it's this hot out, I like to keep my outfits really simple. And always carry a water bottle with me. Hello - we live in a desert, you know?

For me, the key to beating the heat is wearing easy, breezy pieces. I love an oversized shirt- like this grey pocket tee from Engineered Garments. It's a little stiff, which is nice, because it hangs away from the body, and lets me breathe a bit underneath. As for the jeans- the more rips and tears the better. This pair from Madewell is cropped, and has holes in the knees. All about airing out those Knees and ankles, amirite? Pair it with a classic sneaker - like mine from NEW BALANCE and you're sure to beat the heat, while still looking chic. (Or at least without looking like a melted popsicle.)

Check out my hot-weather look, with credits and links for purchase below.


Credits: Shirt by Engineered Garments, Jeans by Madewell, Bracelet by Madewell, Hair Tie by Emi Jay, Water Bottle by Crate and Barrel, Sneakers by New Balance. Sunglasses are Vintage.

Shopping Day

Yesterday, a good friend of mine and I had the opportunity to go shopping for an upcoming project we're collaborating on. I can't say too much yet, but when I can - you'll be the first to know! But what I can tell you is, we got some really great finds. It was fun to take him out and explore the local fabric stores together, especially because it was his first time.

I know it can be overwhelming, but sometimes there's nothing better than really digging through the aisles at the fabric store - particularly when you're in need of a little inspiration. There's just so much to choose from, and you might be surprised what will catch your eye.

Check below for my outfit details (and where to shop them!) And don't forget to enter for our #MOGBLOG Giveaway!

OUTFIT DETAILS (Click each for link to shop)
Topman Hat
JCrew Oxford Shirt
American Apparel Leather Tote
Nike Free Run Sneakers

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