The Virtues of Dressing Monochromatic

Kids. It's time to have the talk. No, not that one. I'm talking about the hard-to-discuss-because-nobody-is-real-with-you-enough-to-tell-you-but-I-will-because-we're-friends one. You wear the same thing every day. And it's getting stale. Sorry, It's true. Have you tried your hand at Monochromatic Dressing yet? Bet you haven't. 


Humor me. Dressing in one color from head to toe is a great way to switch up your daily uniform, without putting out any additional neurons for it. (Because who wants to do that anyway?)

You may recall, I've touched briefly on this matter before - around this time last year I shared my Whiteout look at the Bates Motel in LA. But if I've said it once, it bears repeating. Dressing monochromatic is a no-brainer. And it just looks cool. Are you sold yet?


The trick to pulling the look off with ease is varying the tones of each piece slightly. That, and the use of a variety of textures. (Seen here with suede boots, cotton chinos and a linen tee. Each in slightly different shades of taupe.)


If done correctly, it's not even necessarily something your peers will even be able to put their finger on - did you get a haircut? Grow an inch taller? Lose 10 pounds? For real. Especially if it's in Neutrals. Shades of black, navy, white, grey, olive, camel - you name it. The sky's the limit. 

The best part? You probably have the pieces in your wardrobe to do this already, and just hadn't thought to style them this way yet. Well, do me a favor- let your wardrobe do double-duty and give monochromatic a try this weekend. You can thank me later.