Life Hack: Clear Nail Polish

Are you ready to have your mind blown? It's Tuesday morning and I know I could use a little post-weekend help, so I'm sharing a life hack with you that I recently discovered. Presenting, the virtues of clear nail polish (You know the kind they always want to put on you after you get a manicure and you not-so-reluctantly oblige? No? Just me?)

You see over the holiday weekend, in a flurry of excitement - drinking, cooking, cleaning, drinking, entertaining, drinking - I noticed a button was beginning to come loose from my beautifully starched oxford shirt. Not having the time to sew it back on myself (a skill that I advocate all human beings possess) I used just the smallest drop or two of clear nail polish to set the fraying threads. Et Voila, Life. Hacked.


This isn't the only non-beauty application for the stuff, either! There's a multitude of household uses, from sealing envelopes, to covering splinters in wood furniture, to keeping your belt buckles looking shiny and new. Just a quick tip for you on this early weekday! Get a bottle of the cheap stuff ($5 or less) and store it away for a rainy day... you'll thank me later. Cheers!