I Got Gwyneth's New Cookbook and Now I Can't Stop Eating Avocado Toast

Yes, it's true. I did recently purchase a copy of Gwyneth Paltrow's new cookbook, It's All Easy. Yes, it's a signed copy. Which means, yes, she touched it with her actual hands. And that means I'm one step closer to my queen, Beyoncé. What, you didn't know they were BFFs? There's a dedication to Blue Ivy herself inside the book. Believe it.

Being starstruck aside, I must say the book is filled with nothing less than beautiful food photography, shots of GP in oversized sweaters, and over 130 recipes which - much to my surprise - aren't all irritatingly healthy either. (Mac and Cheese? With real dairy? Gwyneth, sis! The calories!)


But seriously. There are some pretty solid ideas in there for busy people (who isn't?) who want good food and that's easy to make. One such recipe is her variations on the breakfast/lunch/snack/whenever staple of Avocado Toast. Of which, GP is the self-proclaimed queen. Today I made her Asian-inspired version - topped with veganaise (of course) sriracha, avocado, a soft boiled egg, and - my personal favorite part - furikake. To anyone unfamiliar, it's an asian rice seasoning comprised of sesame seeds, dried seaweed and spices. It's delicious. Get thee to an Asian grocer and pick up a bottle. You'll thank me later.

I'm excited to try more of GP's recipes, since I have been waiting for this book release since way back in September. Seriously, I wrote about it even back then. Who else is getting a copy? I wanna know. Or you can borrow mine. On second thought, nah. I'm gonna frame it. Gotta run, something just came up! x

Channelling: Gwyneth at the Airport

Hey, Howdy, and HAPPY NEW YEAH! No, that's not a misspelling, that's just how people here in South Philly say it. And boy, do they ever say it. I feel like I've been hearing that sentiment from every Italian Market cashier since Thanksgiving. No jokes. So naturally, I've adopted it, and will be saying it through (at least) the remainder of the month. Apologies in advance.

Anywho, how are you? How's 2016 treating you so far? Are you keeping your resolutions? Are you going to the gym? Me? Don't ask. But I do have some pretty exciting stuff in the works. (You may recall me saying that in my end-of-year post... but you may not. I mean it was a whole year ago.) However, until I'm able to let the cat out of the bag, I thought I'd share a new look with you all. So today, I'm channelling my queen, GP, from her windswept airport look last year. Oh you KNOW the one:


Now, full disclaimer. I do not own a cobalt blue Céline Phantom bag, but again. This is my interpretation, here. Move Over, Gwyneth. (TM)

Hat and Leggings by Forever 21, Sweater by JCrew, Tote by American Apparel, Sneakers by Stan Smith for Adidas, Sunglasses Vintage.

The Only Cocktail You Need This Weekend

As Independence day fast approaches, many of us are still frantically looking for the perfect beverage to bring along to our pool parties, picnics, and rooftop soirees. Look no further, friends. Presenting: the Calimocho. AKA, the red-wine-and-coke. Now, you may be asking. "What? That's a thing?!" According to us, it most definitely is. Still don't believe - ask Esquire too.

Simply mix equal parts dry (and cheap!) red wine - we love this $5 bottle of Green Fin Organic Pinot Noir from Trader Joe's - and Coca Cola. Serve over lots of ice, in red solo cups if you're feeling festive. Or glassware if you want to class it up. Something about this combination hits everything you want in a daytime cocktail - effervescent, tangy-sweet, and surprisingly drinkable. Besides, the classy-trashy contrast is charming, no? Just like our pal, Gwyneth Paltrow, says "Balance keeps you vibrant!" Couldn't agree more, Gwynnie. Cheers.