Hang Your Own Gallery Wall: Part II

Happy Hump Day, everyone! Today, I wanted to provide you all with a little midweek Interior Inspiration, so I'm sharing another one of my favorite topics: The Gallery Wall. You may remember I shared my process for creating the Gallery Wall in my living room previously (which you can check out here) but today I'll be sharing some new tips from the one I recently hung in my bedroom. Check it out.


Ain't she a beaut? (No, not the dog, though she took residence while I was shooting this, and who am I to deny a face like that?) I'm even more pleased with this one than I am with the one in my living room (if that's possible!) Like any artistic endeavor, there are no real rules here, I just wanted to share a couple tips to help make your Gallery Wall as good as can be.


First, make sure to choose a color palette - it can be as many or as few as you like. I personally always keep mine on the smaller side, but do you, boo. I wanted a bit more color in my bedroom than the living area, so I incorporated a couple bluer tones in addition to the neutrals. Second, remember a variety of textures, shapes and sizes are everything. Think outside the frame! Use small objects, polaroids, postcards - even something unexpected, like my little bottle and flower.


And as always, remember to make it personal. You want it to feel like yours, so find or make pieces of your own that feel special to you. Don't have any ideas on where to start? Check out this Easy Printed Canvas DIY I did here - the pair of them ended up on my wall, and I'm so pleased with their look!


Final note- is having too many Gallery Walls in your home a thing? Is it wrong to love them so? If it is, then I sure don't want to be right. Who's with me?

DIY Abstract Printed Canvas

Good afternoon, friends! It's midweek, and the temps are climbing, the days are getting longer, and spring doesn't feel like the too-distant future anymore. That means that it's time to brush off the dust of winter and start sprucing up for spring. I thought what better way to take advantage of your added post-work daylight than to do a simple (and fun!) DIY project for the home.

I was inspired (as always) by a recent trip to West Elm where I found myself once again looking at a piece of wall decor that I thought I could save some $$ and recreate myself. All you need is a few simple supplies and you can have a piece (or two!) of handmade art in your home in under an hour. Simply pick up the size canvas you want to use - I used two square 20" x 20" canvases. Then make sure you have a tube of acrylic paint, a large-ish brush or foam craft sponge, and some construction paper or cardstock.

I began by measuring out the layout of my canvases, by tracing very lightly in pencil. I'm going with this square-shaped gridded design. Then, I cut out the shape of each design element - a sort of half moon, in my case and used them to mark my layout. Now, once you're measured and ready to paint, simply follow the shape of your half moon with a brush to make a design that looks like this:


For the second canvas, I chose to do the inverse. This is where the cutout shapes come in. Layed out and gently masking taped onto my canvas, I used them as a negative-stencil, and painted over them with paint. Then lifted each to reveal the white canvas underneath.


When dry, they really are a totally unique piece of custom artwork that can stand alone or together. Remember to embrace the imperfection of it! That's what makes it uniquely yours! For decor ideas, use them stacked or side-by side. I think I'll be using mine in lieu of a headboard above my bed. They would also make a great addition to a gallery wall or leaning on a picture rail. I love simple abstract pieces like this because they can truly go just about anywhere. Versatility is key.

If you're at all interested in saving a little money but getting a fantastic payoff, really give this DIY a try - it's not at all difficult, and I'm sure you'll be glad you did! Don't forget to tag me on social if you do. I can't wait to see what you come up with! Cheers!

Now Trending: Succulent Terrariums

Hey, Hello, Howdy, Hi! It's MARCH! We've (almost) made it through the winter. Finally. It's the month of SPRING! And while the outside temperatures may not fully reflect it yet, I couldn't help myself. I needed to bring a bit of vibrancy and green indoors. And what a better way to do that than with one of these:

Terrariums are the trendiest new home interior accessory since the Edison lightbulb. Don't believe me? Keep your eye out for them, and you'll notice them everywhere from home interior stores to your favorite restaurants. And why not - they bring some life and color to their environment, and somehow blend between vintage and modern decor seamlessly. Not to mention, they're hard to kill, for those of us with not-so-green a thumb. (Ahem, me.)

All you need to make a terrarium is a glass jar - I fashioned mine out of an oversized cookie jar from Target, but you can find them just about anywhere. Be sure to get several plants, succulents are perfect for this because they are particularly resilient - and some soil to fill in around them with. The other important components are some stones or pebbles, and moss.

To assemble, simply place a layer of pebbles in the bottom of your jar, followed by a layer of soil, and begin placing in your succulents, being sure to arrange them with a little breathing room between each. Fill in any remaining areas with additional pebbles and soil, and then top with a layer of moss, gently pushed down over top. Then, give it a little H2O, and it's good to go!

Place it anywhere your home could use a breath of fresh air - the kitchen, a bedroom, even your living space! It only needs a trickle of water a couple times a week, leaving the rest of the time for you and guests to enjoy its presence. If you're anxious for the spring like I am, this is the perfect little project to sustain you until those temperatures begin to rise. Give this a try, I'd love to see what you come up with! Cheers! x

How to Hang Your Own Gallery Wall

Hello, you weekend warrior, you! Are you as excited that February is almost over as I am? March is nearly upon us - meaning Spring is just around the corner. I'm itching with anticipation. But since it's still a little chilly to venture outdoors and have some fun in the sun, I thought I'd do a little pre-Spring cleaning. Well, not really cleaning, so much as sprucing up. Look at what I hung up this week:

That's right. I finally gathered enough items to assemble into a (what I'm sure will be continuously growing) gallery wall! I've wanted to do this for quite awhile, but something kept holding me back - was it the fear of putting nails into the wall? That is a v real concern in my book.

Enter, Command brand strips! I have to say, I was skeptical of their power at first, but oh how I've seen the light. Not only to they not damage your wall with any permanent holes, their velcro-based design allows for a little tweaking if you happen to but them on a wee-bit crooked.

But besides the hanging of the wall, there's the gathering of items, and determining their layout. My tips for this are as follows: chose items that are a variety. In every sense of the word. Look at different shapes, sizes, colors, materials, textures. Some flat, some three dimensional. Old and new. Wood and Metal. You get where I'm going here. And always make sure to include personal touches - for example, the clothespin drawing in the bottom right was a sketch done by my late grandmother. I'm happy to have a piece of her's in my home.

As far as the layout is concerned, make sure that there is enough breathing room between each piece, so you can really appreciate them individually, and as they make up part of the larger gallery. Practice your layout on the floor, by marking off roughly the size and orientation you want your pieces to be, and then hang them one by one, making sure to stay true to your design.

I can't tell you what a fun - and surprisingly simple! - project this was. If you're anything like me, you already have a good deal of this stuff laying around anyway, why not put it to use? Your guests will be impressed, and nobody will be the wiser that you did it all with some velcro and a prayer! Cheers to the weekend, and happy almost spring! x

DIY Holiday Garland

Hey there! Happy hump day, and happy 4th night of Hanukkah. While we're all still coming out of our latke-induced food comas, I'm already moving full speed ahead towards Xmas. 

Now, I'd be lying if I said I haven't had a menorah and a christmas tree up for weeks, but my philosophy with holiday decor is that some is good, but more is better. Amirite? So, no time like the present to share this cheap n cheerful garland DIY with you. Read on for the super simple tutorial below:

For this project you'll need some wrapping paper (the heavy duty kind... don't skimp here, people) a length of ribbon or yarn (I'm using that baker's twine that's all too trendy these days) a pattern for your shapes, a pair of scissors, and a glue stick! I found all of these materials at the dollar spot in the front of my local Target, so I know you'll be able to find them too. 

Simply measure your desired length of yarn, and decide how concentrated you want your garland to be. Mine has about 15 circles on it, spaced about three inches apart. Then, just simply trace onto your wrapping paper and cut out your shapes (2 per piece). Once they are spaced how you want them, simply use your glue stick to glue the two pieces together, sandwiching your yarn between. When finished it should look like this:


The best part about this project is how customizable it is. If you want to use ribbon, use ribbon. If you're more of a twine person, twine it up! Don't like circles? - Use triangles or even letters instead. Make it as long or short as you want, and enjoy the smug satisfaction you'll feel when guests compliment your decor at your upcoming parties. You are having a party right? Good, my invite had better be in the mail. Cheers! x

DIY Thanksgiving Centerpiece

I seriously can't believe the day after tomorrow is Thanksgiving. Does anyone else feel this with me? Please say you do. (Even if you don't, tell me sweet lies and give me some comfort here. I'd do the same for you.)

So if you are indeed in the same boat I'm in, and feel the impending stress of the holiday, but still want to make your family think you're cool, calm and collected - nothing says I-have-my-stuff-together-so-stop-asking-when-I'll-get-a-"real"-job than a bangin' handmade centerpiece. (At least, I'm hoping that's what it says.)

Lucky for you (and me) an impressive piece of holiday decor couldn't be cheaper - or simpler! Presenting: fragrant, beautiful and festive Clove-Studded Oranges. Also known as Pomanders. To me, the rich spicy fragrance of cloves goes hand-in-hand with this time of year, and for less than 15 bucks you can put together something that'll keep the annoying relatives at bay. Read on for the DIY below:

To start, make sure you know the size of your serving bowl. I use this vintage wire fruit basket I got at a flea market back in my LA days, and it's on the smaller side, so I only used 5 pieces of fruit. Your next choice is which fruit to pick, typically, pomanders are citrus fruits (and most commonly oranges or grapefruit) though I've seen lemons or even apples as well. Lastly, you'll need a bottle of whole cloves, and a metal skewer or toothpick to pierce the rind of your fruit. (Trust me on this, cloves are spiky, and after a bit your tender little digits are gonna start to get sore.)

Simply use your skewer to poke partially through the rind (don't go all the way into the flesh or you'll have a sticky mess on your hands... literally.) And create whatever pattern or shape you desire. I did a combination here, some striped, some swirled, one sort of discoball style.

After that, arrange in your serving bowl and bring to the table with a sense of humble accomplishment. These surprisingly keep for quite a bit, and smell fantastic all the while. So, give this a try and tell them nosy relatives who's boss. Happy Thanksgiving, y'all. x

DIY Dot Painting

Does it feel like it should be Friday? I swear it was Friday, like... 5 minutes ago. How did we get to Tuesday? Anyone? Bueller??

Even though you may have a case of the mid-week blues, here's a fun - and super easy, I might add - DIY that you can use to spruce up your home. It's a quick project too - really. I did this at midnight last night after a few beers (hey - it helps get my creative juices flowing!) and from start-to-finish took me about 20 minutes. NBD.

Maybe you read our post about "Un-Decorating" over the weekend, and want to find an easy way to dip a toe into those waters. Look no further. Inspired by this print at West Elm (on sale for $129) I thought - that looks like a perfect DIY - and for a fraction of the price

All you need is some paint (I used watercolors) - some watercolor paper, and an empty frame. I started by cutting my paper to fit the size of the mat, and then centered a rectangle shape by drawing lightly in pencil. Next, I decided how many dots I wanted going across my painting - again, marking lightly in pencil. And then I just went for it!

(Note: you can get super serious about this if you want, measure and grid your shape out, and pre-mark each dot... but I think part of the un-decorated charm of this is the imperfection. Plus, it looks more like the chic west elm version this way.) 

And that's all there is to it - truly, a 20 minute home DIY. Give this a try - and let me know how it turns out in the comments below, I'd love to hear from you! x