Shopping Guide: Summer Shorts

Happy Monday, everyone! This week, in honor of Memorial Day Weekend (and the beginning of the summer season) we will be sharing with you our Summer Kickoff Series. Everything is about to get summery up in here.

Starting with a shopping guide to get you into the season in style, I'm sharing with you the best new shorts to beat the heat. I have a personal vendetta against the tight knee-length cuffed denim shorts that everyone and their brother have been wearing the last few years, and I think it's time for a change. The new silhouette is cooler, easier, more relaxed - and frankly, a lot more comfortable in the heat, too. Check out my picks below.




(Clockwise from top left) AcneTopman, Club Monaco, Topman, JCrew, Zara - be sure to click each name for a link to shop!


What do you think about these looks? Think you'll give any a try? Let me know in the comments below! I hope you do. It really is time to leave the tight jorts on the shelf at home and give yourself a little (ahem) breathing room.

The New Workout Essentials

Hey Everyone! Did you miss me? I've missed you. Really, I did. After a brief hiatus earlier in the week, I'm happy to be back and sharing with you again. I wanted to give you all a look at my recent workout-related haul in this week's Mogblog V-Log. Take a look below:

Wanna shop my essentials from the video above? Click the names below for a link to shop each item online!

Mizu Water Bottle - proof that good things come in small packages, a chic low profile bottle that holds 20 oz of liquid. 
Club Monaco Joggers - so easy to restyle from the gym to dinner. They'll never know you just worked out. (just use deodorant, please.)
James Perse Tee - Another gym-to-dinner essential. and the cotton/linen blend ain't bad, either.
Fitbit Flex - Track your fitness progress on a fun app accompanying your chic wristband. What's not to love?
Nike Roshe - give your frees a break and save a little dough. equally chic, and half the price, try the new nike roshe.
Happy Buds - despite the name, not a type of weed to order from your local dealer. just cute, modern headphones instead.

Thanks for watching this week's video! I hope you liked what you saw. As always, please leave suggestions, questions or your undying love in the comments below. And, make sure to subscribe to our youtube channel!