Having a Moment: Satin Bomber Jackets

TGIF. The weekend is here again. Is it just me or has this week seemed to drag on for ages? Maybe it's all the back and forth weather we've been having. Yeah, let's blame it on that. Since April has been unusually cruel, I'm choosing to look on the bright side, and see it as another opportunity to wear some of my favorite outerwear, the Satin Bomber Jacket.


I've written about my love affair with the bomber before and yet, it bears repeating. This satiny finish bomber has become an absolute essential of mine. No surprise of course, seeing as it came from H&M and we all know how I feel about their Modern Essentials.


This piece has truly become a go-to in my wardrobe. Easy and effortless, but still clean and sharp. Especially since my default errand-running outfit is usually some kind of jogger and sneakers. It really ties the whole athleisure trend together in a v chic way.


It seems silly to even say I styled this look, since, let's be honest - it couldn't be more of a no-brainer. I'm all about low-effort-high-payoff this week, can't you tell? But the good thing about wearing a great jacket like this is that you can wear it with pretty much anything, say, a tee shirt and joggers, and still look pulled together.


In fact, I'll be bringing it along with me on my travels this weekend. Where am I going? On a little spring break adventure down south. That's right. Want to follow along on all the fun? Then make sure you add me on Snapchat @Mogblog to keep up! I'll see you there. Gonna grab my jacket and bounce! Happy Weekend! x


Spring Layering: It's All in the Details

Happy Friday - happy Easter weekend! I know many will be spending the next few days traveling over the river and through the woods, to spend time with their families - and for some, that means to chillier climates than they're in now. That's the problem with Easter in March - sometimes it's just too cold for that Sunday best. (Not that I'm complaining, I'm not fond of wearing multiple pastels myself, anyway.)

But when you're out on the go and chillier weather is in the air, layering is your very best friend. I find myself doing a lot of walking here around the city, and while it may be chilly in the mornings, by midday the sun is a lot stronger than you may think! That's why I turn to classic outfits like this - perfect for travel, and whatever the March weather may throw my way.

My base layer is a classic white T (I don't even need to explain this one, do I?) and top it with a grey crew neck sweatshirt. On a more mild day, this is a great look alone. But for an extra brisk morning, I throw my trusty denim jacket on top of it. Easy to pull on or off, this piece is an absolute classic. Seriously. I've had this one since I was in high school a million years ago.

In keeping with the athleisure vibe inspired by the crew neck, I finish the look with a pair of joggers (they're here to stay) and my beat up white sneakers. This way, I'm able to be mobile, comfortable, and chic for whatever the day brings.

A word about the details: what takes this look from something you'd see on a mannequin to something a little more personal is in the way you accessorize it. For example, I wear this vintage gold bangle that was given to me as a birthday gift years ago. It's something that nobody else has, and gives the look a little special touch. I also like wearing this little bandana around my neck, because it serves dual purposes. Not only is my neck warm, it's a nice subtle nod of pattern in an otherwise solid look.

As always, I'm wearing sunglasses because, well. It's just my thing. And with that, you have an easily adaptable, easily travel-able (is that a word? it is now.) look perfect for any March weekend plans. Speaking of, what are all of you up to this weekend? I hope you'll let me follow along - if you're wondering what I'm up to, don't forget to follow me on Snapchat @mogblog! See you there! x 

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Ah, spring.

One day it's sunny and 75, the next, it's cloudy with the threat of snow. That's March in the northeast for you. I act like I'm complaining, but to be honest, I'm happy to have another chance to share some of my favorite outerwear with you all. 

A big trend (for men and women!) this season is the bomber jacket - and I'm totally on board with it. No bulky collar, cute cropped length, and scrunchable sleeves (you know I love an exposed forearm) they're the perfect piece for early spring. In keeping with the season, I felt this petrol green suede number was a just right for the chilly weather, so I hit up Love park here in Philly to show it off.

I especially love this jacket in because it has so many great little details. Plaid lining, a scalloped vent in the back, matching green buttons on the pockets. What's not to love? Did I mention it's vintage? I picked it up for less than 40 bucks at one of my favorite second hand spots in Pittsburgh years ago.


Because the color is so bold, I kept the rest of the look simple - white shirt, grey jeans, and these rust-colored suede Clarks. Something about this chilly early spring weather just calls for a suede-on-suede moment, no?

So what do you think? Is the bomber look for you? If you know what's good for you, you'll say yes. Get out there and give it a whirl before it gets too warm to wear it anymore! Cheers! x

Modern Essentials by H&M

Happy weekend, friends! Spring is finally here and it's got me feeling like:

...Whatever that means. (I don't really know how to smile for the camera. Don't judge.) Anyway. Since the weather has been nothing short of beautiful these last few days, I took to the park in one of my favorite new spring looks - head to toe David Beckham for H&M.

David Beckham has been collaborating with H&M for a few seasons now to release a collection of hand-selected "Modern Essentials" and I must say the spring pieces are a hit with me. And not just because DB was my first crush. (It's true, I still have a poster of him hanging in my childhood bedroom. Yep.)

Both this tailored polo with collar detail and slim cut chinos are from the collection, and together, came in just under $40! Can't beat the price point for style this good.

To style this look, I chose to go modern prep, and pair it with my classic Ray Ban wayfarers, Stan Smith Adidas sneakers, and this old Coach weekender that I've had for nearly a hundred years. Typically, I don't advocate for such a trim fitting top, but something about a polo shirt demands it - otherwise, risk looking like someone's dad. Because the top is so fitted, I went with the slightly more relaxed chinos, and rolled the cuffs for a casual vibe.

And these aren't the only winners in the collection! Want to check out the rest of the looks for yourself? Get thee to an H&M or head over to their website here to see all the other great pieces David has to offer. Who knows, you might just see them make another appearance here before you know it. Enjoy your weekend, all. Cheers! x

How to Survive the Snowpocalypse

Ok, so when I first wrote this post, I thought it may be a tad melodramatic. But now that I'm looking out my window and seeing at least a foot (!) of snow on the ground... I think it's a pretty fitting title.

So unless you're living under a rock (or on the west coast) you know that the first major snowstorm of 2016 is upon us here in Philly. And DC, and New York, etc. And while I don't advocate going outdoors in this mess - I'm currently working on some baked goods and a pot of soup - if you absolutely must, these are my tips for avoiding popsicle status.

Layer: Mama knew best. Trust her. I'm wearing a tank top, a long sleeved tee, a chunky knit sweater, and my quilted down coat. Cover your head: I'm partial to a beanie, but do you boo. The point is, gotta keep that body heat inside. Accessories are your friend: Hats, scarves, gloves, heck - I'm even wearing readers for wind protection alone here! And finally - invest in a good pair of snow boots. No, your old sneakers will NOT cut it here. Get yourself something waterproof and made for this purpose alone. I just picked up this hefty pair by Sorel.

Credits: Down Coat by The North Face, Scarf, Beanie and Gloves by Gap, Knit Sweater by Alexander Wang, Leather Leggings by Forever 21, Snow boots by Sorel.

Last-Minute Halloween Thrift Store Tips

Happy Humpday. Or as I am calling it omg-it's-three-days-away-from-halloween-day. Yeah. That's a thing that's real. I can't believe how quickly it's upon us. (Seriously, did October pass us by at like, double time this year?) Now, if you're on top of it and know what you're going to be already, good for you. Also, I wanna know. So let me know in the comments below. Promise I won't steal your idea.

But if you don't happen to know yet - Never fear! (Save that for this weekend.) Halloween stores are mobbed in these final days, and often those "costume in a bag" jawns are way too pricey for single-use, in my opinion. So, I turn to the always-reliable thrift store! And I have got you covered with some last minute tips on how to make the most of your shopping experience there. Read on after the jump to catch my 5 tips below!

This photo was taken outside one of my favorite second hand stores in LA - Crossroads. (Not to be confused with the 2002 cinematic masterpiece starring a young Britney Spears.) I really like this nameplate outside the entrance, because it totally echoes the "one man's trash..." philosophy of thrift shopping. Remember, if you have an open mind and trust your creativity to see the potential in things, you can find some real gems while thrifting! My favorite things to look for are:

1. Outerwear - Nothing cooler than a vintage leather jacket, or a denim one covered in old band patches. My favorite military jacket was purchased second hand years ago, and I still wear that thing every summer. Outerwear has history, and often times the best stories to go along with it. Plus, they're made to be durable, and it can be easier to find these pieces still in great shape even though they are used.
2. Flannels - Is there a more perfect season to be shopping for flannels? Today's dime-a-dozen flannels ain't got nothing on the grungy ones of yesteryear. Honestly, I can say with complete confidence that no matter what thrift store you go into they will absolutely have a better/wider/cooler/more unique selection of flannels you would find in any contemporary store today.
3. Boots - These are another item that usually come along with some killer history. Way to take a walk in someone else's shoes - literally. I have this amazing pair of suede boots that I wore to death and even got re-soled because I loved them so much. And I think they cost me $40 total? Similar ones, if I had purchased brand new would easily run $200 or more - and to think! I didn't even have to break mine in!
4. Accessories and Jewelry - Sunnies, pendants, little rings, cufflinks, belt buckles, patches and pins - you name it, I'm sure they've got it. This stuff is all so unique and special, and its always the details that make someone take a second look and beg to know where you got it. Don't worry, it'll be our little secret.
5. Knickknacks - OK, so this isn't necessarily gonna help your halloween costume needs, but just keep it in mind while you're shopping there. Honestly, my favorite home decor pieces are all things I've found second hand. Paperweights, ashtrays, objects d'art, even small furniture items like end tables or a desk lamp. They just don't make 'em like they used to, folks.

So there you have it. Take these ideas with you while last-minute shopping, and you're sure to get inspired with some totally unique costume ideas that nobody else will have! PS, I was totally serious about that comments thing. If you already know what you're gonna be, let me know below! x

What to Wear this Weekend

Happy Long Weekend, Y'all! 4th of July is finally underway. And that means its time for parties, picnics and patriotism. Wondering how to dress for such merriment? Look no further. 

No matter where you're celebrating, layers are a good idea. Often, daytime festivities carry on into the night, and you'll wish you had that extra something come nightfall. I'm loving on this vintage army jacket, which feels particularly apt today. Paired with an all-American white-tee-and-jeans, this look is ready for whatever you've got planned. PS, the aviators really seal the deal with the Top Gun vibe. Happy celebrating! xx