Hanging Out at LACMA

Today I wanted to share with you an easy, cool outfit that's perfect for days when you want to dress comfortably, but need a little polish.  


I spent the day at LACMA Mogging away, and this was just the thing to wear for a day spent writing and doodling on the museum lawn - a fashion blogger's off-duty look, if you will. 


Starting with my favorite jeans at the moment - my Alexander Wang X Denim  - I paired them with this great indigo pocket tee from Wallace & Barnes at JCrew. Because of the relaxed silhouette, I paired it with some great Cole Haan oxfords and a full arm party, to keep it feeling refined and not sloppy.


I love days that I get to spend at the museum or art gallery. It's so important to get out in the world and see the interesting and exciting work other artists are doing - it keeps me inspired. What sort of places do you all go to feel inspired and get some work done at the same time? I'd love to know, especially if they're here in LA. Always on the hunt for things to do! Let me know in the comments below, and I'll be sure to check it out.

Birthday Brunch Look

Over the weekend, I had the supreme pleasure of meeting up with my dear friends - and fellow bloggers! Taylor Dini and ValleyClaire - for a birthday brunch. 

I had never been to Toast before, but I knew it was a Kardashian hot spot, so at the very least I thought I could get a peep at Kim or Khloe. Well, no Kim to be found - but was the meal ever tasty. I feel like I am still dreaming of my avocado-topped omelette. Yum.

Afterwards, we took a little stroll, and hit up the first ever brick-and-mortar Murad store right here in Weho. I've been using some of their products for a while now and I Can't wait to post a review of them for you all soon!

Ps - like my look? The jeans are Current Elliott, the shirt is JCrew. (What else?) Paired it with my beat up old chucks and it made for the perfect easy brunch look.

How I Dress for a Photoshoot

Happy Humpday, everyone! So. I've been assisting on lots of editorial jobs this week - translation: I've been doing lots of running around this week.

When you're working on a photoshoot - the errands are endless. On set, you're fitting models, taping shoes, checking the monitor (and trying to steal as many free snacks from craft services as you can... Maybe that's just me. #foreverhungry) And of course, there's all the prep and post work too - needless to say, it's a lot.

I have a uniform for these kind of days - presenting my shoot day look. Starting with a hat (or a topknot) - because my hair just ain't what I'm tryna deal with on a long day. I always wear a button down shirt, because I like to be able to hook my garment clamps onto it. This baseball tee from american apparel is a good combination of casual (dressing up to a shoot is a no-no) and functional. Paired with some easy skinny jeans (from H&M) and my favorite Nike sneakers. 

This outfit looks polished without trying too hard - and doesn't get in the way of whatever you may need to do. Like stick nipple pasties on a model in front of 20 people. (Actual things that happen on a shoot. Trust.)

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New Week, New Look

So to start this week off, I thought I'd share my #OOTD.

Loosely inspired by our Menswear Test Shoot from this weekend, I went with something a bit sporty today. My take on a baseball uniform. And, honestly, the way I feel wearing this - its on the fast track to becoming my own daily uniform. A polished shirt, easy-to-wear leather leggings, and a great pair of sneakers - what's not to love?

Shout out to my mom for gifting me this shirt. (And adding J.Crew oxford number 432908432 to my closet...) Outfit credits and links to shop: Hat by TopmanShirt by J.CrewLeggings by H&MSneakers by Nike.

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Ides of March Heatwave

I dunno about the rest of the country, but here in LA it has been HOT all weekend. We were above 90 degrees the past couple of days. In march. Like, what? (At the risk of sounding unsympathetic... I realize that it is still quite chilly in many places. I did grew up on the east coast, you know. I get it.)

Here's my #OOTD solution for those in-between days. Easy. Relaxed. Casual. It'll keep you cool. (or warm, if need be.) Check below for links! And don't forget to Subscribe to #MOGBLOG with the link at the bottom of this post! exciting stuff planned this week!