Having a Moment: Satin Bomber Jackets

TGIF. The weekend is here again. Is it just me or has this week seemed to drag on for ages? Maybe it's all the back and forth weather we've been having. Yeah, let's blame it on that. Since April has been unusually cruel, I'm choosing to look on the bright side, and see it as another opportunity to wear some of my favorite outerwear, the Satin Bomber Jacket.


I've written about my love affair with the bomber before and yet, it bears repeating. This satiny finish bomber has become an absolute essential of mine. No surprise of course, seeing as it came from H&M and we all know how I feel about their Modern Essentials.


This piece has truly become a go-to in my wardrobe. Easy and effortless, but still clean and sharp. Especially since my default errand-running outfit is usually some kind of jogger and sneakers. It really ties the whole athleisure trend together in a v chic way.


It seems silly to even say I styled this look, since, let's be honest - it couldn't be more of a no-brainer. I'm all about low-effort-high-payoff this week, can't you tell? But the good thing about wearing a great jacket like this is that you can wear it with pretty much anything, say, a tee shirt and joggers, and still look pulled together.


In fact, I'll be bringing it along with me on my travels this weekend. Where am I going? On a little spring break adventure down south. That's right. Want to follow along on all the fun? Then make sure you add me on Snapchat @Mogblog to keep up! I'll see you there. Gonna grab my jacket and bounce! Happy Weekend! x