I Got Gwyneth's New Cookbook and Now I Can't Stop Eating Avocado Toast

Yes, it's true. I did recently purchase a copy of Gwyneth Paltrow's new cookbook, It's All Easy. Yes, it's a signed copy. Which means, yes, she touched it with her actual hands. And that means I'm one step closer to my queen, Beyoncé. What, you didn't know they were BFFs? There's a dedication to Blue Ivy herself inside the book. Believe it.

Being starstruck aside, I must say the book is filled with nothing less than beautiful food photography, shots of GP in oversized sweaters, and over 130 recipes which - much to my surprise - aren't all irritatingly healthy either. (Mac and Cheese? With real dairy? Gwyneth, sis! The calories!)


But seriously. There are some pretty solid ideas in there for busy people (who isn't?) who want good food and that's easy to make. One such recipe is her variations on the breakfast/lunch/snack/whenever staple of Avocado Toast. Of which, GP is the self-proclaimed queen. Today I made her Asian-inspired version - topped with veganaise (of course) sriracha, avocado, a soft boiled egg, and - my personal favorite part - furikake. To anyone unfamiliar, it's an asian rice seasoning comprised of sesame seeds, dried seaweed and spices. It's delicious. Get thee to an Asian grocer and pick up a bottle. You'll thank me later.

I'm excited to try more of GP's recipes, since I have been waiting for this book release since way back in September. Seriously, I wrote about it even back then. Who else is getting a copy? I wanna know. Or you can borrow mine. On second thought, nah. I'm gonna frame it. Gotta run, something just came up! x