You Should be Making: Smoothie Bowls

Ah, the weekend. What we've all been waiting for. Time to sleep in, kick back, and treat ourselves to a little something good. And I mean gooooooood. If your instagram feed looks anything like mine, you've been seeing Smoothie Bowls for months now. If not yet, you're about to. What's a Smoothie Bowl you might ask? Look no further:


Spoiler: ok, so smoothie bowls really are as simple as the sound. That's right, a smoothie in a bowl. But when topped with all sorts of delicious add-ons, the humble smoothie becomes something delicious, and obviously, very instagrammable. Which of course, is of the highest importance.


It seems silly to even offer a Smoothie Bowl Recipe, but here it is. The basic formula for a successful Smoothie Bowl contains 1 cup of frozen fruit, 1/2 cup of greens, 1 banana, and 1/2 cup of liquid of your choice. Of course it's the toppings that come afterwards that are the fun part. Today, I made a spinach/avocado/blueberry/banana concotion. Yum. Not a fan of your smoothies in a bowl? Prefer something a little greener instead? Check out my healthy green smoothie recipe here.


Maybe green isn't your thing (don't blame you) but you still want an energizing morning smoothie. In that case, let me recommend my Yellow Power Smoothie. However you spin it, smoothies (in a bowl or nah) are here to stay. And with spring break, and summer swimsuit season quickly approaching, I'd say it would behoove me to step up my fruit and veggie intake a bit more. Who's with me? Cheers!