Modern Essentials Part II: Nautical Stripes

TGIF. Amirite? For some reason, March has seemed to drag on for at least 3x longer than it should have. I, for one, am pleased that the weekend brings April along with it. And, what better way to the start off the weekend but with another great piece from the H&M Modern Essentials collection.


Now, you may recall that I've shared one of my picks from the Modern Essentials collection previously (which you can and should revisit here) but this Nautical Striped Sweater by David Beckham has become a new favorite of mine. While it may officially be April on the calendar, the temperatures haven't quite caught up yet, and this lightweight sweater is just the thing to wear until they get the memo.


As is the case with this collection, the beauty in this sweater lies in the details. It features a boat neck collar, and a unique ribbed texture, all the while being lightweight enough to wear on it's own or layer with a light jacket. PS, more more tips on layering for spring, be sure to check my previous post here.


Like I've said time and time and time again, I'm not sure what it is about the spring that brings out my inner prep-style, but this sweater falls right in line with that vibe. Dig the prep look but still dipping your toe in the water with it? I feel you. Maybe something like this is more your speed. Hey, I'm just trying to help.


Of course, I styled them with my favorite trusty, rusty Clarks. Which I have been absolutely living in lately. Enjoy them while they still look cute, surely by summer they will be completely worn in. (Let's be honest, I'll still be wearing them anyway.)


What's everyone doing this weekend? I want to know! Be sure to follow my nosey self on Snapchat @mogblog so I can follow you back and we can creep on each other all weekend. K? Sounds good. Happy Friday!