Thirsty Thursday: Gin n' Juice

My favorite day of the week is here again - Thirsty Thursday. And boy have I got the perfect cocktail for your unpredictable early spring weather. The Gin n' (grapefuit) Juice. Also known as the Greyhound, it's chock-full of Vitamin C... so it's basically healthy. Right? Can't be getting sick as the temperatures are (slowly) starting to rise.


Immensely simple in preparation, but the elegance of this cocktail lies in its simplicity. Of course, I'm going to put a personal twist on it, but you wouldn't expect anything less, would you? To make my version, muddle a couple basil leaves in the bottom of a shaker and combine with 1/2 cup of grapefruit juice and 2 oz of Gin. Top with Ice and shake.


To serve, simply pour over a large ice cube, and finish with club soda or tonic water if that's your thing. Garnish with a basil leaf because they're pretty, and presentation is everything. Ps, if you're into basil in cocktails, be sure to give this one from a couple weeks back a try, my Spring Basil Cocktail. Or, for a full list of MOGBLOG approved cocktail recipes, check out all of my past Thirsty Thursday posts, you're bound to find something you like. Cheers! x