How to Make a Crowd-Pleasing Cheese Board.

Hi, and happy Super Bowl Sunday! I've had some dear friends of mine visiting town this weekend, and when they arrived weary from their travels Friday evening, I made sure to have a little something waiting for them:

This. So much of this. Aka, the most delectable charcuterie/cheese board known to humankind. (To be fair, I think almost ANY cheese board is the greatest... But this one just really ups the ante.)

Now, I know there are a million and one ways to compose a great spread like this one, and certainly you should make one to suit you and your guests preference, but I personally feel that a great cheese board has the following elements:

3 - 4 (or more, honestly) different kinds of cheese. An aged cheese (like an Irish cheddar), a soft cheese (brie) a sheep or goats milk cheese (chèvre) a funky cheese (blue) and a hard cheese (Parmesan). You can also add a smoky element with a wheel of Gouda.

A variety of meats. This time I used hard salami, pepperoni, and of course my favorite, prosciutto.

Vessels on which to eat them all. Baguettes, crostini, water crackers, wheat crackers, butter crackers, etc.

And not to be forgotten, the accoutrements. Jams and jellies (fig jam, hot pepper jam, raspberry jam), honey, mustards (sweet and spicy) something briney (olives, cornichons), and a handful of grapes or nuts for a textural difference. 

Don't forget something beautiful to serve them on. I'm obsessed with my marble pastry slab lately. I don't know if you noticed. It's just a thing I'm going through, k?

Honestly, I could eat this every meal for the rest of my life and be satisfied. I know it looks like a lot, but I'm telling you this is a near-universal crowd pleaser. Consider making it for Super Bowl Sunday. Or your Oscars party. Or as a Valentine's Day treat for your s/o.

Ah, Isn't it grand that there's so many excuses to entertain in February? Cheers! X