How to Get a Great Haircut. Every time.

Happy February, friends! Can you believe spring starts next month? I can, seeing as it was an unseasonably warm 55 degrees here in Philly yesterday. And with the higher temps, and the dawn of a new month, I figure, there's no time like the present to freshen up my look. And there's few things that make me feel better than a crisp, new haircut.


Problem is - few things can make you feel worse than a wonky, bad haircut, either. Amirite? Read on to get my tips for getting a great haircut, each and every time you visit the barber. Seriously. Watch and learn:

1. Know where to go: Honestly, this is the most important one. If you have friends who's haircuts you admire, find out where they get it cut. Do your research, read reviews, check out the vibe, and see if they do the kind of work that you're into. Think about it like choosing a tattoo parlor - you wouldn't go somewhere with artists who's work you didn't admire. Right? Which brings me to...

2. Build a good (loyal) relationship with your barber: So often, you hear people claiming they got a bad haircut because they couldnt get an appointment to see their regular guy/gal. If there's one thing I have learned - it is ALWAYS better to wait the couple days and take the appointment when they are available, than to rush it and go to someone who doesn't know you and your hair. Seriously.

3. Try to learn as much as you can: Be informed about your barber, their process, ask questions. Learn the lingo. Knowledge is power. Find out what number clippers you get on a side, ask them how they decide where to start your fade, or which side to part your hair to, or which products they're using. It'll only help you moving forward.

4. Know your hair and what it can and can't do: I love the look of a beautiful, shiny-pomaded head o' hair. But I also know that I can't pull that look off, because my hair texture won't allow for that. Being honest with yourself about your hair's strengths and weaknesses will help you do appropriate research going into your next appointment.

5. Take care of them, and they'll take care of you: This one should be a no-brainer, but. Be courteous. Be on time (read, early) to your appointment. Take genuine interest in what they have to say, while you're getting cut. And for goodness sake. Tip them. Well.

I hope you'll find that these tips are helpful for you. I'm telling you, armed with these in your back pocket, you'll be unstoppable. Or at the very least, feel that way. I know I do when I have a bangin' haircut. Shoutout to my boy Sean at Groom in Philly - my personal favorite place to go. If you're in my neck of the woods, do yourself a favor and check it out. X