The Only Cocktail You Need This Weekend

As Independence day fast approaches, many of us are still frantically looking for the perfect beverage to bring along to our pool parties, picnics, and rooftop soirees. Look no further, friends. Presenting: the Calimocho. AKA, the red-wine-and-coke. Now, you may be asking. "What? That's a thing?!" According to us, it most definitely is. Still don't believe - ask Esquire too.

Simply mix equal parts dry (and cheap!) red wine - we love this $5 bottle of Green Fin Organic Pinot Noir from Trader Joe's - and Coca Cola. Serve over lots of ice, in red solo cups if you're feeling festive. Or glassware if you want to class it up. Something about this combination hits everything you want in a daytime cocktail - effervescent, tangy-sweet, and surprisingly drinkable. Besides, the classy-trashy contrast is charming, no? Just like our pal, Gwyneth Paltrow, says "Balance keeps you vibrant!" Couldn't agree more, Gwynnie. Cheers.