JarryMag LA Party

Happy Friday, all! I hope you've got an exciting weekend lined up for yourselves. Personally, I'm looking forward to the MatchaBar takeover at Alfred Coffee, here in West Hollywood. Anything to give me some new recipe inspo to share with you! Of course, I have been having some real luck in the culinary department lately... read on. 

Last weekend, I had the opportunity to attend the JarryMag Party -  and boy, what a good time t'was! What is JarryMag, you might be wondering? Perhaps "Who" is the better question to ask. According to their website, Jarry is slang for a man who loves men and food. And JarryMag is a publication about Men + Food + Men. Well, consider me tickled.

The party was held in an absolutely gorgeous home right on the canals of Venice Beach, represented by Onefinestay - a sort of luxury AirBnb, who was a partner of the event - and was filled with a sampling of goodies from local businesses. And of course, men. 

After trying an absolutely delicious cocktail from Chareau, made from their unique and refreshing aloe liqueur, I moved on to a glass of the supremely crisp and summery white from Silverlake Wine. On the banquet-sized table, there was also a beautiful mezze spread, of which I took full advantage of. 

Once I had my fill of libations, I had the pleasure of meeting and chatting with two of JarryMag's founding fathers, Alex Kristofcak and Lukas Volger. What a supreme pleasure to meet two of the masterminds behind such a unique and important venture. I can only hope to contribute to their project, community and success in the future.

As a fun part of their community building, they recently introduced Jarry Personals - a fun and unique way for us #JarryTypes to reach out and get to know one another through our tastes in food. Each more funny than the last, I thought I'd give mine a try, so without further adieu:

I had a blast getting to attend and meet these fellas. I can't wait for the future of JarryMag, and am looking forward to getting my hands on a hard copy this fall! Xx