Happy Pride!

Hey everyone! Happy Pride month wherever you are. We here in LA celebrated last weekend, our Toronto friends are celebrating this weekend, and everyone in New York is gearing up for next weekend. Moral of the story, it's June and it's a great time to glitter and be gay, as it were.

To make sure you partake in the festivities in fashion, we're sharing our pick for a look you can wear to your pride parade and beyond.


Enter the Levi's Stonewall Pride Shorts. As you may or may not know, Levi's has always been a supporter of the LGBT community, and with their new summer line of pride-approved clothes, they're taking it to the next level. These shorts are our personal fave from the line. Now before you say it, we realize we declared Jorts dead some time ago, but never said anything about patchwork and embroidery!


Each pair is stitched with the word Stonewall - in memory of the reason for the very first pride celebration - and a rainbow embroidery across the yoke. Added bonus, proceeds from the purchase of these will go towards helping LGBT resource centers and the Stonewall Foundation. So get out there and get into a pair of these! As for what to wear up top? That's up to you. X