#ThirstyThursday: Golden Road Brewing Co

Happy Thirsty Thursday, MOG readers! We're nearly to the end of another week. Reason enough to crack open a cold one, if I do say so myself. Though, tbh, I hardly need much of a reason when the beer is this good.

Presenting Golden Road's Hefeweizen - a delicious, refreshing, balanced brew that is absolutely perfect for these hot summer days. Pick up a sixer today to share with good ol' dad for father's day this weekend. Or, keep it to yourself and try to resist the temptation to finish it all at once. (Plz drink responsibly, kids.)

By the way, have to shout out my new "Das Can" glasses from CB2. If you want to feel fancy (or vaguely German) these are the perfect vessel to pour your golden brew into. Yum.