Delicious Refrigerator Pickles

Well, AccuWeather tells me the heatwave is continuing well into the weekend here in LA, and I have been taking these early summer vibes in stride. So, in addition to dressing for the heat, I thought I'd share one of my favorite hot weather treats with you all today.

Delicious Refrigerator Pickles. I'm salivating even thinking about these. Actually, BRB - I'm going to go eat a few while I write this. Really. SO! If you like pickles, particularly briny, salty, dill-y pickles - you are going to love these. And the best part is - when you're craving them, you can make them and start snacking in just a few hours. No need to wait weeks like you would for "real" pickles. Check it out below:

Get a pack of small, firm Persian Cucumbers (I use about 10 or so) and slice them very thin. About an eighth of an inch. Go ahead and place your cucumbers in a lidded jar.

Next, add 3 Teaspoons of a coarse salt, I really like this pyramid salt from Trader Joes for this - it's so tasty and has such a great flaky texture. Then, chop your fresh dill and add about 2 tablespoons (or more, to taste) of that.

Finally, pour 1/2 Cup of plain ol' White Vinegar into the jar and seal the lid. Give everything a good shake to distribute and put it in the fridge. In a couple hours, check back - the vinegar should have drawn liquid from the cucumbers, diluting into a delicious brine. But occasionally, this doesn't create enough liquid (you'll want the cucumbers to be completely covered) so it's OK to add another half cup of H2O at that point. Every couple hours, give it another shake, and after its been around 6-8 hours these babies are perfect. (If you can wait that long. Like I said, I started snacking in 2 hours. Oops.)

Let me know if you give these a try! So so tasty, and incredibly easy, too! It'll become one of your new summer staples, guarantee.