Thirsty Thursday: The Desert Facial

So. Day Three. In between my busy schedule of dipping in the pool, soaking up the rays, and catching up on my reading, I've somehow managed to squeeze in about 7 of these killer cocktails. 

First of all, I love a cocktail with a raunchy name. I think its funny and charming. Lighten up okay? (Maybe that's the vodka talking.) Anyway, not only does this drink sound great - but it looks and tastes amazing, too.

It's hard to imagine a vodka cocktail be described as "refreshing" but with its blend of cucumber and mint - that's exactly what this is! Topped off with a splash of pineapple juice to sweeten the deal, it truly is the perfect beverage for a long day spent poolside. (Unless of course you count H20... but where's the fun in that?)