Palm Springs Packing Guide, Part 1

Hey everyone! The time has finally come for Nick & I's trip to the ACE Palm Springs. I feel like I've been looking forward to it forever! It's been such a busy last few weeks, so now that it's finally here, I can't wait to unplug and just enjoy myself. (Read: drink cocktails and tan by the pool.) 

So, before I go - I wanted to share with you all exactly what I'm taking in my trusty American Apparel Tote

To document the trip i'll be using this great InstaX Wide format Instant Camera - there's something inherently nostalgic about taking a road trip through the desert. What better way to remember it than with some classic polaroid-style snaps?

When I'm in the desert, I'm all about easy, cozy pieces. (Hello... I'm trying to max and relaxxx here. Nothing too restricting or formal. ie, those JCrew button down shirts I love so much can take a break.) So, these boxy tees from Rivet + Thread are perfect. Did I mention they're 100% silk? Yep. Let that sink in. These are definitely going to become regulars in my post-desert wardrobe too.


These tab-front JCrew swim trunks are adorable, and their classic style totally suits the midcentury vibe at the Ace. I've been lusting after these for years, so I'm so happy to have finally got my thighs in a pair.

I love a silly pair of sunglasses when I'm at the Ace. They're great for when you're reading magazines poolside, and they take a mean instagram picture. These are a cheap-o pair I got years ago on a boardwalk or something dreadful like that. Isn't it funny that when you buy the cheap sunglasses, you hold onto them the longest? (Say a prayer for all the RayBans I've lost over the years...)

And last but not least - a pink salt crystal. Hey - anything to help bring ~*good vibes*~ to the desert. You know?

So there you have it - the desert-worthy clothes and accessories I can't live without. Be sure to check back tomorrow to see all of my skincare essentials in the packing guide, part 2!