Exactly How I Maintain My Beard

For my birthday week, I thought I'd spend some time focusing on a little skincare and GROOMING TLC. I'll be skipping town for a little R&R in palm springs, and will be sharing it with you all every step of the way! (Side note: I know that it's finally nice on the east coast...but is it as nice as palm springs? Doubt it. So be jealous of me...this is my moment, okay?)

in preparation for my time in the desert, I thought this gnarly beard needed a little TLC of its own. So Without further adieu - here is exactly what I do to maintain my beard.

Step One - Cleansefoliate. (In case you didn't figure it out, that's a portmanteau of cleanse and exfoliate. clever, right?) I like to use this clairsonic and my usual Kiehl's face cleanser. Being sure to really work this into the beard well, Then, rinse thoroughly and pat dry.

Step Two - Lubrication. Adding a couple drops of a pre-shave oil (like this one from L'Occitane) into my palms to warm it up, I smooth it through my beard and begin.

Step Three - TRIM. Personally, I Use a Wahl Trimmer, set to level 4, and I even out the length of my beard all over. I start by going with the grain (ie, down my face), then against (up). Once the hair is of an even length all over, I set the guard to level 3 and run it over my moustache and just below my bottom lip.

Step Four - The Neck. This is probably the most important - measuring two fingers width above my adam's apple, I make a cut, and use that to mark the high point of the underside of my beard. When looking up, it should resemble a rainbow-shaped arc. Follow that natural arc shape from one end of your jaw to the other.

Step Five - Final Details. Finishing with edge details, I use the razor (with no guard) to contour in under my cheekbones, the edges of my jawline, and the top line of my lip. After a good rinse and pat dry, Follow with a couple drops of lightly-scented beard oil, and a good finger comb to smooth it through, et voila! 

Enjoy this photo of me wearing not a stitch of makeup. Yikes. (every now and then I like to give my skin a break. I figure shaving and makeup don't mix well anyway, so there you have it.)

Be sure to Check back later this week for more skincare and grooming tips - and to read about my trip to the desert!