Thirsty Thursday: MadMen Cocktail

Finally! The weekend at last. (I've been burning the candle at both ends all week, so Thursday totally counts as the weekend. Right?) What better way to kick off your weekend than with a killer cocktail with a little kick of its own?!

I got the idea for this cocktail when I received a bottle of Rose's Three Chiles Simple Syrup in my MadMen-themed Birchbox this month. The best spicy cocktails I've ever had involved tequila (jalapeño margaritas anyone?) - so that's where this recipe began.

Based On The Recipe For A Classic "Paloma" - A Tequila/Grapefruit Cocktail - This Is One Zinger Of A Drink. Start By Adding 1 And A Half Ounces Of Tequila To A Shaker, Followed By 3 Ounces Of Grapefruit Juice. Next, Add A Hearty Dash Or Two Of Simple Syrup And Shake! Pour Over Ice And Top With A Little Club Soda (or flat water) And A Pinch Of Salt. Garnish With A Lime Wedge.

Channeling My Best Don Draper With This Midcentury Cocktail In My New JCrew Shirt. Yum.

Let Me Know How You Like This Cocktail - Or If You Have A Favorite Spicy Cocktail Recipe To Share!