How I Dress for a Photoshoot

Happy Humpday, everyone! So. I've been assisting on lots of editorial jobs this week - translation: I've been doing lots of running around this week.

When you're working on a photoshoot - the errands are endless. On set, you're fitting models, taping shoes, checking the monitor (and trying to steal as many free snacks from craft services as you can... Maybe that's just me. #foreverhungry) And of course, there's all the prep and post work too - needless to say, it's a lot.

I have a uniform for these kind of days - presenting my shoot day look. Starting with a hat (or a topknot) - because my hair just ain't what I'm tryna deal with on a long day. I always wear a button down shirt, because I like to be able to hook my garment clamps onto it. This baseball tee from american apparel is a good combination of casual (dressing up to a shoot is a no-no) and functional. Paired with some easy skinny jeans (from H&M) and my favorite Nike sneakers. 

This outfit looks polished without trying too hard - and doesn't get in the way of whatever you may need to do. Like stick nipple pasties on a model in front of 20 people. (Actual things that happen on a shoot. Trust.)

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