Chocolate Rugelach

So its #NationalCookieDay, and around here that means a couple of things. A- it gives me an excuse to make/eat cookies for breakfast. (Cause there's totally no other day of the year that I would do that. I definitely don't eat cookies for breakfast at least once a week. Not me.) And B- I get to try some new recipes out to share with all of you.

I figured with Hanukkah right around the corner, there's no time like the present to give a twist to the classic rugelach. See what I did there? Twist? Cause rugelach are spiral? No? Anyway, terrible sex-and-the-city-style puns aside, these cookies are the - double chocolate, rich and indulgent, with pistachios and sea salt to balance it all out. I know these are making it to my Hanukkah menu this year. (Along with a couple other goodies that you'll have to stay tuned for!)

To get the drool worthy recipe, head over to BonAppetit and check it out for yourself. And if you're anything like me, try not to get lost in the dreamy food photography on your screen. Until next time, Chag Chanuka Sameach! x