Looks to Try: The Glitter Beard

Being that it's just 2 weeks til Christmas Day (WHAT?!) we are in full swing for party mode. Everyone and their brother has plans this weekend - office party, white elephant, secret santa, cookie exchange, you name it! So I figured what better time than the present to share with you a little holiday party outfit advice.

Surely by now you've heard of the genius that is The Gay Beards. If you haven't, allow me to introduce you - you can check out their hilarious youtube channel HERE. They are the queens who inspired this look with their iconic #GlitterBeard. Yes folks, that's right. Glitter. In my beard. What is more festive than that? Truly, I am hard-pressed to find an answer.

I'm wearing a David Beckham for H&M sweater in a festive red and charcoal color block motif, and paired it with a silver glitter beard (you know, to give off a Santa vibe.) There truly isn't much to say here, so I'll let the photos do the talking. Presenting, Glitterbeard: A Christmas Story for the Ages.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go find a way to remove this from my face. Merry Xmas, y'all! X