DIY Mulling Spices

Being that its 3 whole days past Halloween, that means we're clearly in the holiday season. (Only half-kidding, I've listened to "All I Want for Christmas is You" about 300 times the last couple days... No shame.) Anyway, I figured I'd share with you a super easy and super useful DIY project that's perfect as the fall days turn cooler and lead us into winter. Presenting: my homemade blend of Mulling Spices!

By now, you've surely read last week's #ThirstyThursday post about Mulled Wine... but even if you haven't, this spice blend can bring some festive fall flavor to pretty much anything. Including your home. Seriously. Take one or two of these sachets, boil them in about 4 cups of water and then reduce them to a low simmer for a bit and enjoy as your home smells like the quintessence of fall. Or, add them to your cider, your tea, your red wine - for reals! Get creative. And check out the oh-so-simple directions below:

Simply combine a dried orange peel or two, a couple of cinnamon sticks (broken in half to release their essence), a few whole cloves, some black peppercorns, and a star anise inside a square of cheesecloth and tie with kitchen twine. So rustic and charming! Also, makes a great handmade gift around the holidays. Just store in an airtight container (like a mason jar) and enjoy all season! Let me know how you love to use this blend in the comments below!