Good morning, friends! So excited to finally tell you what sneaky business I've been up to. Today, #MOGBLOG is sharing a DIY project on AEO Style, the American Eagle Style blog! Not only is it an easy one, its a fun one, too - combining one of my fall essentials (a great military style jacket, like this great bomber from AE) with a very personalized touch! Read on for all the details and styling tips below!

Step 1 - Go hunting for patches, pins, buttons and anything else you'd like to adorn your jacket with. I found these at a cool vintage store in my neighborhood, though there's plenty of great resources online. Check out Etsy as well! Step 2 - Gather your materials, including a needle and thread, some scissors, and Fabri-tac (or similar fabric glue.) Step 3 - Lay out your design, and when you're satisfied, attach the patches either by sewing or gluing with Fabri-tac. Be sure to follow the instructions on the bottle before washing or wearing. (I'm sewing mine, because I would be letting myself down after my years as a costume designer in grad school. LOL.) Step 4 - Last, but not least - attach your pins and buttons and get stylin'!

I chose to wear the jacket with a really simple outfit underneath. Because it's one-of-a-kind, I wanted it to be the star player of this look. A simple black hoodie, tee shirt and jeans, contrasted with a great pair of suede boots. And of course, add any signature jewelry you typically wear (for me, it's this vintage gold bracelet) and you've got a look that's uniquely you - and that's the best part! Do give this one a try, and be sure to keep your eyes open for some great gems over at American Eagle and AEO Style. Cheers! x