Halloween Makeup Tutorial

TGIF - the Halloweekend is finally here! I'm sure you have some amazing things lined up for yourselves and I can't wait to hear all about them come Sunday morning. I myself am "Hocus Pocus n' Chill" ing this evening to save my strength for the main event tomorrow, but wanted to share this with you all!

Presenting, my Halloween costume: A Fashion Skeleton. (Or, what I wear on a typical night out, but with a painted face ...well I guess technically, my face is usually painted anyway, just not like a skeleton.) This is a great choice for those of y'all who STILL haven't figured what you're going to wear to your parties that start in a matter of hours - dress in chic black from H2T and pick up an inexpensive makeup kit at the Halloween store. Guarantee it'll be on clearance. Then - watch this quick tutorial vid below:

There you have it. About 90% Skeleton, 10% Dia De Los Muertos inspired - didn't want to veer too far into cultural appropriation. Though I WILL be making Pan de Muerto this weekend to celebrate on Sunday. So stay tuned for that! Alright, enough from me - I have some witches brew to drink and some Sanderson sisters to watch. Happy Halloweekend! x